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A Christian's Message:

You must have ended up here from my profile page. Please understand I do not wish to sucumb to gossip, or be a part of anyone's fantasy or engage in a battle of wits. I am not occupying this space to condemn but to share respectfully, in my own way.

One may wonder why I roam the net, perusing sites; my interest lies in inspiring share that provide spiritual upliftment, experiencing real moments in thought and more importantly - Because I can! It is an opportunity to share when I feel compelled to do so and with whomever I choose. Despite my own downfalls and weaknesses I desire to share my faith and beliefs.

Many are looking to have fun. The definition may vary from person-to-person. Reader, in anonimity you were distracted and curiousity stole your attention away from the bot filled rooms, the many facades and masquerades of [chatbox] popups, just to peruse this message. But you did not find the kind of fun you expected or are obsessed with in your struggle of sinsation!   Perhaps you are pretentious, passing time in amusement; maybe you are in an unhappy marriage or risking a seemingly good one, possibly misguided and somewhat discombobulated in your orientation and/or preferences; maybe you are depressed and overwhelmed from past or present abuse (verbally, mentally, emotionally, physically and/or spiritually) and you need a place to escape.

In any case, we do have the choice where to seek refuge. Ah, the gift of choice, free-will choice... Just make the right one! I hope this message serves as a blessing in some way to anyone that come across my page.

We Need Spiritual Cleaning:

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Spiritual Cleaning

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God Uses The Problems:

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God Uses Problems
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