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About Me:

My Passions:

God • Family • A Beautiful Mind • A Warm Heart • Love to Laugh

My Interests:

I enjoy light jogging, power-walking, hiking; going to beaches, the lake and parks with the grandkids; dancing, music, movies, dining out; christian inspiration, and family-fun. I stimulate my mind by creating and designing my own personal webpages, writing poems, or blogging when the mood suits me.

Music:Love Music

My versatility in music are displayed when you click on my page. Though my favorite music genre are Smooth Jazz (Chill-out & Lounge) and Christian Contemporary.



I enjoy Romantic Comedies, Christian Inspired-Faith based, or Action Packed movies. Select a movie below and click "Go" to visit the site and view the movie trailer:

Books: Books

Although I am not an avid reader, my interest lies in read that is faith-based, love inspiring, encouraging and uplifting. Click on the site links below to view some of the books that I have read:

Favorite Quotes:

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Kind words may be short... but their echoes are endless." - Mother Theresa

Favorite Foods:

Seafood or is it See food? See Food
SeafoodFruits, Shrimp & Salmon

Places I Enjoy & Want To Visit:

beach chair
The comforts of home-sweet-home and spending time at the beach enjoying the sunshine and seabreeze or moonlit summer nights!

I have been to Europe (Paris, France and Rome, Italy). I would like to visit the Hawaiian Islands; Places of beauty and all its guises.
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