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A Child is Born

A child is born
This world she adorn
Heavenly sound of Life
Voice so tender and mild
It took the love of a man and his wife
to bring forth the newborn child
She`s cuddled and bundled
like a stack of grain and so full of sane
She sits awhile but falls to the floor
like a see-saw not accompanied anymore
She crawls with a panther-like image
upon her prey, with eminent courage
upon the poor animals part of dismay
She walks one step at a time
looking around using her amused mind
As she gets older she progresses and still
Awaits for Caresses!

© ♥LadyTiki


A Curious Nature

How odd this teen to approach me so
that soul of energy expressing joy and woe
Quite a candid character is he to share
My attention he has but how much can I bare
My wonder aside this curious nature is he
He seem awfully nice with a personality of glee
I hear the said truth of his life of pain
As he reaches out for help in vain?
I ask myself what difference could I have made
A word of inspiration, a hug, a shared thought relayed
Now I will never know this curious nature is he
for he has taken his life God once introduced to me

Dedicated to JMP- R.I.P.

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Page of Pain

I came across a page filled with pain
that was once a creative chain
the link was broken and time may repair
My condolences I await to share
It is my hope we may come to understand
as we go through lifes trials & reprimand
that things happen for a reason
unbenounce to us it's out of season
I keep in prayer that one may endure
the difficulties and challenges of life obscure
We seek to find comfort, the pain is so great!
My words of encouragement, but can I relate?
I pray for God's help for a friend without a face
that his loved-one once knew is in His holy place
As time moves on and the treasured memories rise
of shared smiles, thoughts and experiences abide
It is my wish that blessed moments remain
as God bless this page filled with pain

DT - R.I.P. 1974 - 2004

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Amazing Woman

My admiration instilled for this woman I see
since we first met some years back of me
Times were anew, experiences were formed
what is this new Being enticing my sibling adorned
So fresh and young, full of life to succeed
As her place in this family was received
The acceptance of her presents was quite an adjustment
As God deemed her place a blessing and resplendent
The gift of her first child was a wonderous joy conceived
one of many, we did not know we'd be showered with a league
Her Love, her understanding, her dedication - I am aware
Her Wisdom, her persistance, her patience - I declare
Her enthusiasm, her thoughts, her sentiments - I share
For all the pain and strain she suffered and endured
she keeps strong hold of her faith assured
She finds the strength and comfort through our God above
and will always have a place in my heart of Love
My admiration instilled for this woman I see
Is my Sister (in-law) an Amazing Woman indeed!


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Times are impractical, totally unsound
Intensely eager as I wonder around
Infatuated about, unusually bizarre
as my thoughts are unpredictable by far
A cracked ceramic glaze, reticulated surface
I find myself patterned for a sovereign purpose
My own character, importance, independence to share
As times are changing with the responsibilities to bare
An advice, a suggestion, an idea, a plan
I listen, I learn, my attempt to understand
The Who, the What, Where, When and Why
God leads the way as he continuously stand by
I am crazed with direction for comfort of way
asking for guidance of the Omnipresent I pray!


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For a brief moment I shared an experience
hoping for its prolonged existence
A word that many have created different meanings
to fit the needs of comfort from worldly dealings

I pray that God will teach me the way
as I guide my own Gifts in hopes they do not stray
My worries and concerns that I hold near
will soon be at rest as God's hands appear

The tranquility, the calm, the warmth, the serenity
will all transpire as I reach out in harmony
Peace come and go, endurance subside indeed
I look forward to the visits as I call upon our Lord relieved

A captured moment, seemingly still and recognizably safe
I make way for my heart to receive blessings my soul to taste
My transgressions will descend and my heart will calm
while in the midst of it all I remember the 23rd Psalm

as time passes and challenges increase,
that is the real meaning of Peace!


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Online Butterflies

I ventured through the pages
claiming various characters and ages
I read upon an enticing metaphore
one that striked my interest for sure
To Marinate was the word
tickled my fancy unheard
Difficult to catch as a butterfly in flight
No wonder with system updates and daily lives insight
Taking turns we converse with endearing notes between us
We learn of our sentiments and personas deemed just
Arrogance seemingly pushed aside
substituted with confidence reside
An image shared of such a striking Physique
Attentive, humorous and unique
I perceive a true He-man for sure
Down-to-Earth and by his own right to adore
So warm and fuzzy he makes me
Online Butterflies... you see!

Dedicated to Sgt. CKC

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Pure Passion

This Passion luring the eyes of a sinful soul
May they rest upon this poem unfold
There is no greater Love than the one Above
So intense, Spiritual, Holy and Pure
All would come to understand without fear

Every rip of His skin and every drop of His blood
is the Passion of our Savior's undying Love
The suffering, so overpowering with emotion
as our Savior desires our intimate relation and devotion

His sentiments untainted by human nature
Virtuous and chaste not from learned culture
Ones emotions obscurd and lusts for the physical
violating the body that belongs to the spiritual

Our Lord forgive hearts open to receive
and the rememberance of his deprivation relieve
His everlasting pure passion remains
As we demonstrate his love our heart contains

Our God takes care of lives lost this day in war
for his son he has given was not in vain for sure
My misfortunes are redirected and veered anew
What wonderous passion than one of pure adew

Times I am sadly mistaken and the price was paid
as my intentions were just but my faith delayed
God is in the loving acts of those who stand by us -
Through a Friend, Family, or a Counselor that we trust

Encouragement we may receive, comfort we may find
Always remember the guidance of pure passion behind


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Hidden Agenda

I pray to move on beyond the repeated trials of mistakes
As the pain of unspoken reflections has me solemly awake
Vulnerable to ones words of wonder I condone
as I created my own monsters in the world of unknown

The heart pleads for assurance as faith lies upon
this human nature with a hidden agenda
It's no wonder my times are sadden as my mind
is bewildered by an enticing and now reticent charisma

Circumstances may rise and sentiments are changed
As endearing words escape from ones heart untamed
Only when the thought of the warmth and kindness of text expressed
do I find myself mislead once again on journeys masquerade test

Enduring the heartache relived as I reluctantly remember
One must never forget vegeance to be left in the hands of God to hinder
I seek to understand the reasons pondered and displaced
In time the challenge of forgiveness will have my heartaches erased

As I capture and maintain my faith anew in the one of absentia
Once again I am alone from a human nature with a hidden agenda


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Fatal Attraction

The Tenth Commandment - Many reluctant to be apart,
Quick to rationale it purpose or ignored with a closed heart,
then there are a mindless few through consciousness
Disbelief remains, with or without undue distress -

"Thou shalt not Covet thy neighbors house".
In honor of the holy and scorned to the envious
The chameleon of sentiments horde the mind
As one may lose respect for morality against mankind

As strangers once were, had befriended one another
or as loved ones once were, took a sword against his brother
One night stand of seduction, bewildered by worldly beauty
Enchanted by the unknown touch of a lucid persona unruly

We must not fall short from a Fatal Attraction
A minute of worldly passion is nothing but a morbid distraction
It destroys the walls of trust and the challenge of forgiveness
are deep in the hearts of many for that sinful business

One is so willing to divide a God given and blessed family
forcing tears from the eyes of the innocent uncontrollably
and his own blameworthy desires and selfish pleasures
long for that which belongs to another through God's treasures

We must not fall short and astray from Omnipresent direction
But Pure Passion we must find in His guidance and protection
We should appreciate what we have and take not for granted
For in our lives things may be given or taken away as faith implanted

God loves us all and in His time will provide a mate so devine
Live a Life that matters and it will be life of eternal sublime


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To Be His Wife

In the beginning our eyes met with a coming attraction
Anticipating mutual thoughts and confirming reaction
Our worlds though different now intertwined and anew
Sharing our thoughts, sentiments and blessings to value

We made a place in our hearts nesting our love for each other
And consumated our relationship with plans to last forever
Searching for our home we took root in a place or two
Our future we plan with a ready made family of few

Time has past and behold we have once conceived
a wonderous gift from God, one we would cherish indeed
As we rise in the morning wiping our eyes clean
momentarily dazed from a blessed nights dream

Awaken to these words I whisper, "To be his wife"
I believe I will treasure for the rest of my life
An agrument, an issue, a problem, a circumstance
We make sure a resolution follows and given a chance

The Aries needs her Aquarius as her fountain of Life
May faith, hope and love abide all be shared as his Wife!

Dedicated to T'n T'

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Instant Message

For some of us there is a world we like to venture
A place to let our minds run free with curiosities to capture
No discretions and no inhibitions, but the anonymous reside
A place we hold near in hopes that this persona may confide
all the ideas, wishes, hopes & dreams expressed in a passage
and all the created features in a window we call Instant Message

I came across a window anticipating the thought of real moments
One could not believe my age, allured by warm and endearing comments
As I have learned of his place is where I dream to be
with four seasons to come and go, amongst nature I do not see
A place I call peace with no distraction away from Gods call to passage
I look forward to real moments with a new friend in Instant Message

Ravished by his words as the warmth trickled through my body
from a whisper of a voice do I find myself lost in the world of naughty
I wish I could be there consumed in the distant land of desires
Awaken I find myself to a new day, reminded as discretion transpires
A key for unlocking godly beauty is this treasured passage
As I sit here once again sharing time in an Instant Message

One day I hope to meet this newfound friend of mine
I am happy to know he has given us a chance by sharing his time
May he come to understand me and continue his thoughts of glee
It is my hope despite my form, he finds within, my radiance of beauty
And it all began in that world we venture to passage
I have found a wonderful friend in an Instant Message!

Dedicated to JCW

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